Sothida Mannan,
Jyothish Marthand
(1908 - 1972)

KP Astrology:

Every science has its own limitations, from time to time these limitations are to be rectified and the science will thus be improved. This is what Guruji Sri K.S.Krishnamurthy believed and implemented .With due respect to all sages and savants he developed certain principles in Astrology which revolutionized the noble science. Before understanding KP we should have a glimpse of the two patronages in Astrology the Vedic and the western. KSK averred that both these systems are incomplete and need modification, so saying he accepted/endorsed some valid principles of both these systems and left the invalid methods. The synopsis of KP is as follows:

1) Take Sidereal/Nirayana Zodiac of Vedic astrology.
2) Accept the 27 constellations of the Sidereal Zodiac.
3) Placidus system of house division.
4) Follow only Krishnamurthy Ayanamsa.(which is almost 6 min less than Lahiri).
5) Preference to western aspect concept.
6) Use progression system for confirmation of prediction.

Synopsis of KP:

        Vedic astrology has a peculiar division of zodiac, through the Lunar mansions often called as “Constellations” or “Stars”, apart from the solar mansions what we call as “Signs”. That means every planet not only transits through the “Signs” but also through the constellations positioned in that sign. There are 27 such constellations owned by 9 planets at three stars per planet. Like signs have their owners these constellations also have owners. Every constellation will predominantly influence the planets transiting under it, and that too much better than the Sign.
         Starting at Aswini to Revathi these constellations are scattered along the zodiac at 21/4 star per sign. Each star is divided into 4 quarters resulting into 108 quarters. Each sign will contain 9 quarters. This division is peculiar to Vedic astrology, endorsed by Sri KSK.
         Now, each and every planet transiting in a star will be under the controlling area of that star lord and automatically becomes his agent. The star lord will compel that planet to offer whatever results he is obligated to give for that horoscope. For instance if a planet is posited in 150 in Aries/Mesha, then it will be in the zone of Venus/Sukra (from 130. 20’ to 200.00’ in Aries is “Bharani” star ruled by Venus/Sukra). So Venus will compel that planet to offer the results indicated by her for that horoscope.In the absence of any planet in the star the starlord himself offers the results promised by it(if clerk is absent then the officer has to do his work).
         For every ascendant a planet will become owner for 1or2or3 houses (depending upon number of cusp points in the signs owned by it) and will occupy one house among the twelve. All these affairs will be reflected through the stellar zones of the planet and materialized by the planets transiting through these zones. Results of the house occupied by the planet are strongly pronounced than by its ownership of houses. An illustration will make it clear:
For an Aries/Mesha ascendant Saturn/Sani is in ascendant in 16o. He will be in the “Zone/Star” of Venus/Sukra. This Venus is in 11th house and owns 2, 7 houses. Therefore Saturn is compelled by Venus to offer the results of 11th house strongly and 2, 7 houses come next in strength. Both Saturn and Venus are termed as “Significators” for 2,7,11 houses. Saturn is the strongest significator for 2,7,11 houses after him Venus will come.
         Like this “Significators for each and every house are ascertained. Significators are ordered from strongest to the weakest. The order is as follows:

1) A grade : Planet in the star of Occupant of the house.
2) B grade: Occupant of the house.
3) C grade: Planets in the star of lord of the house.
4) D grade: Lord of the house.
5) E grade: Planets conjoined or aspected by the planets listed from (1) to (4).

         Here you have to carefully remember that if there is no planet in the star of the “Occupant” of a house then that Occupant becomes strongest Significator. If there is no Occupant posited in the house then planet in the star of the owner of the house will be the strongest Significator of the house. If there is neither occupant nor a planet in the star of the owner then the owner himself becomes the strongest and single Significator to that house. Like this Significators for each and every house are grouped and tabulated.
This is what we call “Advanced Stellar Astrology”.

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